Why You Should Add Captions/Subtitles on Your Instagram Videos

With video content continuously dominating the online industry, audio has been rendered as a poor cousin given that many of the users disable the sound when viewing a video.

It’s for this reason that subtitles have become so important for marketers, allowing core messaging to be passed on the on-screen alongside visuals.

Research conducted by Facebook demonstrates that:

Captioning Instagram videos can increase average view times of the video by 12%.

The effectiveness captioning is that it allows messaging to pass across as well as leading to a successful scope of 82% when compared to 18% of videos with sound but without Instagram captions.

A caption is defined as a transcription of dialogue that’s spoken and appears at the bottom of the video. Captioned video content includes sound effects, music, speaker identification, and other ‘non-speech’ elements.

Subtitles work by assuming that viewers can hear and they are basically used when the viewer doesn’t understand the language used in the video by the speaker.

Therefore, subtitles refer to a translation of the video content.

8 Reasons Why You Need Transcription Services on Your Instagram Videos

  1. To Give People with Hearing Impairment Access to Your Video Information

It’s common for people with hearing impairment or the deaf to get adversely limited in viewing videos online because of missing or inaccurate Instagram captions.

About 5% of the population in the entire world have a hearing loss. In figures that’s an estimate of 360 million people, you can serve when you transcribe audio to text.

Access to information is a universal right enjoyed all over the world. And appropriate captioning of your videos is a small approach that can spark a dramatic effect on a great portion of the world population.

Therefore, transcription services are increasingly becoming a space to watch and embrace, as well.

  1. Improve the User Experience in Different Environments

Captioning your Instagram video content is necessary because it makes your video viewable in various environments.

Some views can come across your video on Instagram while they’re in a noisy environment where they may not be able to listen to the information in the video.

However, when you transcribe text below your videos, your information will comfortably reach to those in the noise backgrounds.

  1. For Easier Understanding Among the Non-Native Speakers

When you get Instagram captions on your videos, you provide an important resource for your fans who are non-native English speakers to uplift their language skills.

Watching Instagram videos having captions over the audio that is spoken by native speakers is a critical technique of attracting clients from non-English speaking countries across the world.

  1. Instagram captions Improve Average Time for Watching

If you’ve scribbled down notes at a seminar or a lecturer, knowing that you’ll be required to remember the information at a later time in one way or another, you have experienced how multiple senses can be effective and engaging.

Your audience surrounded by information from all corners of the Instagram world, they are most likely to recall to the content of your video if it is transcribed in audio text.

Instagram captions can attract the attention of your audience and keep their focus. Additionally, the Instagram subtitles help with brand recalls so that you can stay on top of the mind of your audience.

  1. Improve Content Discovery And SEO

The chances are that at one point, you’ll want to publish your Instagram video on other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

While Google can’t read the captions that are burnt in your Instagram video, it can categorically read closed captions in your Instagram video.

When you get video captions and transcripts, you’re passing your information to Google that you’ve important information to disseminate.

Transcripts and Instagram captions are important for your videos. Adding them to your videos help them to get well crawled and pop up when audience search for a statement that your video responds to.

Looking down upon adding captions and subtitles imply that chances are your video will not show up in the search engine, and that’s a big shame to any foresighted business.

  1. Silent Auto-Play

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram auto-plays videos with no sound. Approximately 85% of all social media users scroll via their news feed when the sound is turned off.

This implies that without Instagram captions, many people will be skipping over your Instagram videos just because the core message is lost with no sound.

The primary goal should be to promote the volume of your video agnostic, giving value to the audience in or out of the audio. Burning subtitles into your Instagram video means you’ll be attracting more audiences to watch your videos, irrespective of their viewing options.

  1. Boost Engagement

When viewers of your video, want to extract a quote transcribed in your video, they will depend on Instagram captions.

Maybe your audience wants to incorporate the message in an email.

Or maybe your video has an excellent little soundbite to obtain and post as a social card on Facebook.

Instead of making audiences tap the button for rewinding many times to grab the quote correctly, the addition of Instagram captions to your videos makes it potentially simpler for your viewers.

More often, videos that have subtitles are most likely to reach out to audiences with following interest or questions, if you have captioned your video content.

  1. Increase Focus

Even if your Instagram auto-plays with sound, it may surpass your audience to lack of focus. Many people may be scrolling another page while they have your video on the background.

Adding video Instagram Subtitles eradicates the possibility of distraction. When you transcribe audio, the text makes your audience to be focused on your content.

If efficiency and effectiveness is the desire of your need to create your content, we can’t overemphasize the essence of adding Instagram captions/subtitles.

Ready to Transcribe Your Instagram Videos?

You should get video captions on your Instagram posts by looking for a qualified expert providing transcription services to boost your reach, provide a learning opportunity for non-native speakers, ensure accessibility, advance SEO, and allow content to be more memorable and engaging.

The wealth of advantages of using captioning services in the modern social media platform is a must-do practice.

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