Upgrade You Market Research Through Quality transcriptions

For market researchers, the need to have your recorded research material transcribed can’t be emphasized enough. Not only does this help speed up your research process, but also facilitates qualitative research since you’ll be transforming your audio data into actionable insights in textual format.

What’s more?

Most companies typically require their research data to be kept confidential. By entrusting your recorded data to a credible, but cheap transcription service provider that guarantees to maintain the confidentiality of the information you entrust them with; you’ll be able to maintain your organization’s data privacy requirements, while still keeping your research costs low.

Read on- below- for more insight into how investing in confidential transcription for your research audio/video files can improve your market research.

Improved Data Gathering Processes

Most market researchers usually prefer to simultaneously take down brief notes of certain key points being made by their research subjects. While this may seem necessary, it – more often than not- ends up affecting the quality and natural flow of the data gathering process.

However, with the assurance that you’ll send your interview/focus group audio recordings straight to a quality transcription services provider once you’re done, you’ll be more focused in actually conducting the interview/facilitating the focus group discussions and ensuring a natural flow of questions and ideas

What’s more, transcripts provide a conclusive textual version of everything that was said in your interview, survey, or focus group audio recordings; as opposed to selfscripted short notes which are usually a summary of the key points.

You may be asking yourself why you’d need full transcripts when you can just save on time and money by making these brief notes. Well, there may be certain key points that you may have missed out on while scripting your summary notes.

However, with transcript files available, you can easily go through your data and pick out the important points that you missed out on.

Compliance with Organizational Requirements

Most enterprises require their research data to be saved in digital text document format for ease of analysis by other internal stakeholders.

You can always request your transcription services provider to avail your transcripts in a variety of formats, as stipulated in your brand’s file storage policy guidelines. Also, it’s highly likely that your organization has some information security and privacy requirements that you’re required to comply with.

Typically, research data contains sensitive information as well as personal information that brands prefer to keep confidential. This is why you need to entrust your research data to an online transcription service that already has in place effective non-disclosure measures to safeguard the privacy of clients’ sensitive research information.

Faster Market Research

Once you’ve invested in audio-to-text online transcription services, you’ll have an easier time analyzing the data you’ve gathered. For instance – you could be looking to gain insight into a certain concept that one of your interview participants talked about, but can’t remember at what exact time this takes place within your recorded audio file.

With an accurate transcript of the same – however- you can simply search a word that the participant might have mentioned while describing that particular concept. This will narrow down the scope of your search and you’ll find the information you need in no time

On the other hand – if you’d had to rely on scrolling through the audio file itself to find that given piece of information, It’d probably take you lots of time. This is especially true for longer recordings.

More Accurate Inferences

Yes, transcripts will help you make more accurate conclusions during the data analysis stage. Take this scenario, for example! You’re handed market research data in the form of audio files. The files contain recordings of current and prospective customer focus group discussions.

However, since you were not the facilitator of the discussion, you’re finding it difficult to follow up on the flow of ideas for those sections within the audio where multiple participants are talking simultaneously.

To avoid making false inferences, you can entrust your audio files to a professional transcription services provider.

Experienced transcription professionals possess the necessary skill to decipher between multiple conversation participants and decipher who’s saying what.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you’re undertaking market research for your enterprise, it’s crucial to maintain the confidentiality of your interview and survey participants personal information, as well as other information that the brand may deem as sensitive.

This is whenever you’re looking to have your research audio recordings transcribed for ease of analysis, you need to settle on transwriter.com which guarantees to safeguard your confidentiality.

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