Partner with Transcription Services to Increase your Online Traffic

Content creation is essential to maintaining a prominent and relevant presence online.

A well researched and planned content strategy will help generate the much needed traffic that will impact your business or organization’s bottom line.

Content marketing not only engages your online audience but is also crawled by the major search engines who use the contents of your site to rank it for relevant search terms.

Both online users and search engines are content hungry!

For your online blog to be successful, you need to keep feeding both with the relevant content they require.

Creating a content strategy that will satisfy demand can be both daunting and exhausting!

But, it is reassuring to know that professional transcription services can help take the strain and even increase your blog traffic.

Use audio transcribing for your content marketing

Audio transcription services are a key tool to ensure that your organization is getting the most out of the content you generate

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Transcription can be used effectively to re-purpose various content types for search engine optimized, crawlable text.

Search Engine Optimisation is reliant on transcribed content for improved visibility

For many enthusiastic businesses, creative digital marketing will be broad and diverse including:

  1. Videos
  2. Infographics
  3. Podcasts

These pieces of content will certainly generate audiences on the relevant platforms where they are published but as they are not text based the website will miss out on them as relevant content to be indexed on search engines.

If SEO is important for your website or blog it is well worth having text versions of these content types on your site which can be digested and published in search engine results.

Create engaging blog posts from transcribed audio material including videos and podcasts

Taking spoken content, for example audio or video content and creating a written transcript can provide sound text content which will not be considered to be duplicate.

Using a reliable voice to text transcription service you are able to create content summaries and transcripts that can be published in your site alongside the original published audio or video.

Transcriptions can also be adapted into new articles, web pages or blog posts to give your site a much needed boost.

Transcribe to increase your reach

Access a greater audience with transcribed video and audio content. Though relevant and interesting, your online audio and video content may not be being accessed by everyone who could benefit from it.

Transcribed content is ideal for the deaf or hearing impaired and those speaking a different first language who can take the time to ‘read rather than hear’ what you have produced.

Some people simply prefer written online content to videos so transcription services help you keep all bases covered.

With the advent of voice search and Alexa bridge the gap!

Voice search and home virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Cortana are enjoying an unprecedented rise with over half of web searches expected to be undertaken by voice

(according to Cisco

It is clear that voice-based access to the internet is increasing, but it is important to ensure that as your business adjusts to voice based internet activity, your text based presence is not neglected.

Voice to text transcription on an on-going basis will enable you to ensure that you retain presence in both text and audio based searches simultaneously.

Speak your thoughts and keep the content flowing.

Transcription services can also take the strain of the fingertips of the most prolific content creators and professional bloggers who can now speak their articles and ideas and have their audio recordings transcribed to create blog posts quickly and efficiently

If you have industry expertise and lack the writing skills simply talk about your business and what you do best and have the audio transcribed to create articles and pages about your business or service.

Transcription services are increasingly proving themselves as the ideal partner to content marketing

Live events, webinars, offline conferences and trade shows can be transcribed adapted for blog posts, pages and press releases and more.

Our professional, reliable transcription services for your content marketing.

You have a number of options if you are looking for transcription services, from doing it yourself, to AI and a vast number of on and offline agencies.

Make the right choice by building a great working relationship with a transcription company that understands content marketing and can proactively work with you to build out your content strategy in and efficient and targeted way.

Getting started with us is as easy as contacting us

We can get to know your requirements and provide effective advice and solutions for increasing your web traffic with transcription.

We work with marketers, content writers and bloggers as well as business owners, so we have lots of ideas and experience to share.

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