How Transcribing Your Video/Audio Increases Your YouTube Views

Watching videos Takes up one-third of total global internet activity.

With such an enormous amount of people’s time going into watching online videos, marketing one’s services on popular online video platforms doesn’t come as a surprise.

Of these platforms, YouTube is the most widely used.

Whether you’re a business owner that’d like to build up their brand’s awareness, or a budding musician looking to build a larger fan-base; YouTube is one of the best ways to grow your brand.

What’s more, the site’s monetization features means that you can opt to incorporate YouTube ads into your videos if they attract a substantial amount of views.

You’ll then get paid 55% of the advertising revenue.

Where Transcription Comes into Play

Now, the more views you can attract to your videos, the more your potential earnings from YouTube ads will be.

It’s thus crucial to implement tactics for increasing your views.

One of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your YouTube videos is through incorporating closed captions for whatever is being said in the video from a good transcription service provider.

Transcription For YouTube Videos

It’s also the best way to increase views for your audio podcasts, as audio-visuals that come with closed captions are definitely more engaging than audio uploads that only come attached with a still picture.

Read on below for more information as to how transcribing your video/audio content helps to increase your YouTube views.

Helps You Widen Your Audience to Include Deaf People

According to statistics, there are approximately 360 million people suffering from hearing disabilities, globally.

With closed captions, even these people can get to watch your audio/videos and get to understand what’s being communicated.

This enables your audience to grow.

That’s why you should find a way to get your video/audio content transcribed.

In fact, many YouTube content creators with some of the most viewed video/audio podcasts owe their success to their choice of audio transcription services.

Top audio transcription companies will accord you quality, legible transcripts that are worth the investment.

Researching online for the best audio transcription company would be a good way to find a credible transcription service provider.

Helps You Widen Your Audience to Include Non-Natives

Typically, in audio/video content, you’ll be speaking a language that you’re proficient in.

As such, non-native speakers may find it difficult to understand what you’re saying.

However, with transcriptions, they’re able to read through whatever you’re saying; thereby facilitating better comprehension.

Consequently, such a viewer is highly likely to share the file’s YouTube link to their family members and friends, widening your reach in the process.

On the flip side, if someone cannot fully make sense of whatever you’re saying in your audio/video, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll find it worth sharing.

Helps Eliminate Audio Quality Issues

It is no secret that poor-quality audio will negatively affect your view count.

A viewer is likely to get irritated as soon as they notice that your sound quality is poor.

They will not even think about liking or sharing it.

Matter of fact, poor audio quality will most likely attract lots of ‘dislikes’ on your audio/video post.

To overcome this bottleneck, you might want to have your files transcribed, as this enables viewers to read through what you’re saying and still understand you, even through the most inaudible parts of your YouTube audio/video posts.

Helps You Reel in SEO-Driven Views

With a transcribed audio/video file, search engines can skim through the text for indexing.

This then means that there are viewers that will click on your video simply because it shows up high on their search engine results when they search for certain keywords that are also included in your transcript

Let’s say, for instance, that you run a barbershop.

You’ve set up a YouTube channel – where you normally post instructional videos on male facial grooming tips and procedures – to increase the online awareness of the shop.

If your how-to videos have been transcribed, a Google user searching for ‘Male Facial Grooming Procedures’ is likely to land on one of your videos, since it appears high up on their Google search rankings.

This wouldn’t be the case if the video wasn’t transcribed, as search engines can only index textual content, not video/audio.

As you may already know, there are many other ways that you can drive traffic to your videos on YouTube.

However, leveraging the power of audio/video transcription services is one of the most effective ones, as elaborated above.

Therefore, the next time you’re thinking about posting a business podcast, have it transcribed prior to uploading it.

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