How to Acquire the Best Transcription Services Online

It’s no secret, transcription services can have a valuable impact on your business.

It gives you a marketing strategy with flexible media options. For example, your company website can benefit from other media sources besides audio and video.

Today, transcription is once again becoming very popular as a reference tool for traditional media. With the competitiveness of large and small transcription services, how do you choose?

The following guide focuses on what aspects of transcriptions services you should look towards for your business needs.

What to Look for When Identifying Quality Transcription Service Providers

  • Accuracy

The turnaround time for audio to text conversion is important, but accuracy is essential.

If you want to use your transcripts as a reference or authoritative resource, knowing they’re at least 99.99 percent accurate is important.

You need to select an online transcription professional that will choose quality over quantity.

The accuracy of the online transcription services that you choose will reflect back on your business so their accuracy rating is one of the things you should look for when you’re choosing an online transcription provider.

  • Services

What kind of online transcription services does the audio to text professional provide? For example, clean verbatim will provide an edited transcription of your text.

Clean verbatim removes the false starts and utterances from your text to make it more readable. Verbatim is transcribed word for word.

In fact, it’s important for the online transcription service you choose to have experience in the English language (sometimes other languages), speaker labels, timestamps, grammar, and transcription software to best serve your business needs.

They should also have experience in specific types of transcriptions services like legal, medical, or insurance transcripts that can be very important.

Transcribing can be as simple as a few sentences or an entire podcast.

  • Pricing

Pricing is also important when you’re choosing online transcription services.

Most businesses are looking for competitive prices that will save their business money. Some audio to text providers charge by the word while others charge by the page.

In fact, you can also be charged for additional services like clean verbatim text. However, cheaper prices don’t always mean you’ll receive quality text.

When you’re choosing an online transcription, professional based on the cost, it should always be within your budget.

In fact, look for promotional offers that will help you save money.

For instance, some transcription companies offer bulk discount offers for a huge volume of files.

  • Turnaround Time

Finally, the turnaround time is important. Some online transcription professionals offer a 24-hour turnaround time while others may offer 48 hours.

Do they have a good reputation?

How many businesses have they worked with?

Ask businesses that utilize transcription services, who they use to find a reputable transcription company.

However, don’t be afraid to work with new transcription providers. You can get great rates and an opportunity to grow with their company.

A responsive customer support is also very important.

If you’re going to work with any transcription service provider, you want to make sure they’re available to answer your questions or concerns.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of any transcription provider that you choose thoroughly.



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