How Top Organizations Are Leading The Market Through Quality Transcription Services.

Audio to text transcription seems to be a very important aspect for many businesses.

It can save a company time, money, and ease the burden of transcribing audio or video.

Transcribing is another form of marketing that can streamline your business goals.

Transcription works to build your business on many levels. Small businesses can gain the advantage over their competitors by adding a variety of content to their media outlet.

However, it also works for large businesses that want to keep a competitive edge in multimedia marketing too.

Learn the history of transcription services and how it can help your business thrive.

What Is Transcription?

Transcription is the written or printed duplication of audio and video files. It is also known as an academic or speech transcription.

For the transcriber, transcription is the art of listening to speech files and converting it into text. Top transcription services include the following:

  • Business Meetings
  • Legal Audio
  • Scholar Meetings
  • Speaker Identification
  • Audio Files
  • Television/Radio
  • Religious Sermons

Clean Versus True Verbatim

Customers can choose between clean verbatim or verbatim text files.

  • Clean verbatim eliminates the false starts and utterances to provide an easy to read transcript that includes edits.
  • True verbatim includes everything that’s said word for word. You can choose which type of text works best for your business needs.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From Transcription

Add To Your Marketing Strategy:

Transcription services online builds a higher search ranking for your content by providing alternate forms of media. Your business or brand can benefit from more than just audio or video files because people want a variety of content when they visit your website. A SEO can use the keywords to define your niche as well as use it for indexation.


Useful For Archiving Content:

Transcription creates an index for your work along with audio and video files. Transcription gives you an opportunity to reference your audio and video files. Reference early material with the use of a transcript to back you up. Archived transcripts are perfect for your blog and ebooks used as marketing material for your business.

User-Friendly For The Hearing Impaired:

Transcripts provide a resource for the hearing impaired to embark on your business information and resources. Transcription expands your business to a wider audience.The information that you’re sharing will show your audience that your business is socially conscious. In fact, you have an opportunity to show your audience that you care about the people that can’t hear audio by utilizing transcripts.

Transcription allows your business to successfully manage the information that they gather over time. Adding text to your website advances your opportunities to build on your business goals.

The turnaround time of transcription services is very important, but accuracy is essential. You want your business customers to be able to use this added feature as an asset for becoming a part of your business or brand.

The top transcription services adhere to industry standard specifications to help your business reach their marketing strategy goals.

You can easily convert video/audio by simply posting your order here. It will be delivered to you by one of our experienced and most qualified transcribers.

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