How Adding Subtitles Promotes Digital Video Strategy 10x Faster

Digital Video strategies provide companies with a roadmap for using visual content to enhance their brand awareness, as well as overall brand value.

A well-developed digital video strategy should be able to effectively facilitate the education and entertainment of its intended viewers, as these are the reasons online audiences care to share videos with their friends and families in the first place.

Captioning your videos is one of those tactics you can use to fast-track audience engagement for your digital video content.

Below, we delve deeper into how incorporating subtitles into your online videos will help you realize increased digital marketing benefits.

Subtitles Improve Your Audience’s Understanding

For certain audience demographics, video captions can enhance their ability to fully comprehend whatever message is being passed across.

Non-native speakers- for instance- are more likely to catch onto certain conversational nuances when subtitles are included, as opposed to if your videos lack captions.

What’s more, if you’re targeting an online audience that predominantly speaks/understands a foreign language, incorporating translated subtitle files for their convenience would be a no-brainer.

Those with hearing impairments- meanwhile- rely heavily on subtitles to further their grasp of online content being distributed via video platforms.

Subtitles can Enhance Audience Engagement.

Another way in which video subtitles can boost your digital video strategy is by boosting website traffic.

Say- for instance- that you have a promotional video whereby you’re promoting a certain product that’s available for sale on your website.

At the end of the video, you make a call-to-action, urging viewers to click on the link in the description to purchase the product or learn more about it.

Now, chances are that your nonnative and deaf viewers may have missed out on this crucial piece of information

By subtitling the video, they’ll have a better grasp of everything you’ve talked about- including your call-to-action. As such, they’re more likely to lick the link to your sales site platform.

Subtitles Enhance Search Engine Rankings.

Search engines like Google use certain algorithms to skim through your website’s and social media pages’ content, in search of textual information that can facilitate indexing.

As such, it’s crucial to have the promotional videos on your online pages captioned.

This offers search engine bots more scripts to run through, thereby allowing for appropriate indexing and consequently- higher search engine rankings for your content.

Subtitled videos Facilitate wider Audience Reach

It’s no secret that captioned videos boast higher shareability, owing to the fact that they enable businesses to engage online viewers whose attention they normally wouldn’t be able to grab- like deaf people, non-native speakers, foreigners, and those in public settings.

For instance, with up to 5% of the global population suffering from some form of disabling hearing loss, your captioned videos will be useful in expanding your brand’s marketing reach towards this audience

Distribution platforms like Facebook also automatically play newsfeed videos on mute.

A casual Facebook user scrolling through their newsfeed is- therefore- more likely to watch your promotional video post for longer if it includes subtitles that gives them a clue as to what your
post is about.

Wrap Up

For maximum efficiency of your online video marketing campaign, you’ll want to opt for the services of a transcription company, as they are a more accurate alternative to automated audio to text transcription tools.

With a video strategy that incorporates error-free captioning, you’ll be able to increase the efficiency your digital video marketing campaign tenfold.

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