Transcribe Voice Memos: 2022 Most Accurate and Quickest Way

Looking to give your brand’s online promotional videos a boost by adding subtitles?

Or maybe, you’re in need of additional backup alternatives for your organization’s conference meeting proceedings- besides the recorded audio files.

Once you’ve decided to get your voice memos transcribed, it’s crucial to also take into account the transcription method.

You could choose to use an automated transcription software, or contract a human transcription services company.

Most businesses prefer to take the latter option, hiring the services of manual mp3 to text converters; as this method guarantees top-notch accuracy and speed of service in comparison to the other two options.

Read on below for an in-depth look into why seeking manual voice memos transcribers is your best option if you’re seeking timely and error-free transcripts.

Manual Transcription Guarantees Higher Accuracy

You can transcribe voice memos using automated software that makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which isn’t advanced enough- yet- to detect changes in the speaker when transcribing multi-speaker audio files (say, interviews or conference meetings).

Human transcribers – on the other hand – are better positioned to figure out whenever there is a switch in the speaker; thus avoiding making such mistakes.

Additionally, a manual mp3 to text transcriber is more likely to insert paragraph breaks at the right instances; as opposed to most transcription automation tools, which are not yet advanced enough to identify whenever there is a shift in conversational structure from one idea to the next.

Another reason why you should put your trust in manual transcription specialists over automated transcription services is that the former will accord you more precision.

Yes, human transcribers are innately inclined to detect certain nuances in human speech that automated transcription tools may fail to pick up on, thereby facilitating correct punctuation according to context and speaker accents.

Manual Transcription Services save You Time

While it’s an option that gives the illusion of quicker transcript delivery, automated transcription tends to be more time-consuming in the long run, as a human proof-reader/transcriber usually has to double-check the transcripts for accuracy.

For instance, if you’re doing research work on voice memos that contain numerous technical references, you might have to spend a substantial amount of time editing the related automated transcripts to rid them of terminology errors

This goes for audio files with lots of background noises, too- as transcription automation software tend to make lots of mistakes when working on these as well.

Transcription errors can be quite costly to you and your brand.

A missing comma or exclamation mark could distort the meaning of the message you initially intended to communicate, possibly ruining your promotional campaign.

To avoid such costly errors, it’s crucial to ensure that you settle on a transcription method that will ensure your audio transcripts are error-free.

Get Human Transcription Services Online Today!

For accurate and timely transcripts, human/manual transcription services are your best option.

Not only are manual transcribers better equipped to punctuate your transcripts more accurately compared to transcription automation tools, but will also save you time in the long run as their more precise transcript files generally require less proofreading and editing.

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