7 reasons why you need to Transcribe MP3 to Text

With the proliferation of captioning in online multimedia marketing, you can’t afford to let your enterprise lag behind by failing to adopt this useful marketing tool. From improved SEO to increased viewer engagement and higher prospects, businesses that have incorporated captioning/subtitling as a requirement for their digital multimedia content are reaping the rewards of this latest trend.

What’s more, the benefits of Mp3 to Text transcripts go beyond marketing and product promotion, as market researchers can also leverage transcripts of their recorded interviews to enrich their research process.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at these Mp3-to-text transcription benefits, plus more! But first, let’s take a brief look at what transcription entails.

Audio-to-text Transcription Defined

Want to know the transcription meaning? Transcription is the process of converting the audio track of an audio or video file into textual format. Transcript files can contain captions or subtitles for your audio/video content to get your multimedia files transcribed, you could either do so yourself- using a mp3 to text software that supports the ‘SubRip Subtitle’ file format or invest in online transcription services.

It’s crucial to check the credibility of your transcription services provider to ensure that your audio/video transcripts will be accurate and submitted within your desired timelines.

7 reasons why you need to Transcribe Mp3 to Text

  • To Improve your Blog/Website SEO

It’s no secret that most search engine users don’t go past the first search result page, which is why you should strive for your website/blog pages to rank as high up as they possibly can in search engine result rankings. One way of achieving this is by including captions/subtitles for your video and Mp3 online blog posts.

Search engine crawl bots can go through such transcripts and identify certain relevant keywords, thereby ranking your pages appropriately. To optimize your search rankings further- therefore- you can request your transcription services provider to include certain relevant keywords within the captions or when you want to transcribe from mp3 to text.

Without Mp3 to Text transcripts for your audio/video content, search engine crawl bots can only use the titles and descriptions to rank your pages. This undermines your search engine rankings, as titles and descriptions are typically brief and may not permit enough space for you to naturally incorporate all relevant keyword phrases, like an entire transcript file for the same video would.

  • To Widen your Audience Reach

Some of your content viewers may prefer to read through video captions with the audio on mute, depending on the circumstances.

Take – for instance- that commuter on the train that has forgotten their headphones at work but would still like to watch the video posts on your social media pages/website without disturbing the peace of the other commuters. Or that viewer that is currently at such a noisy public setting that wearing earphones wouldn’t be of much help.

Secondly, your brand may be targeting a foreign market. What better way to reach out to such prospects- then- than by availing promotional video content that is specifically targeted at them?

Since your Mp3 online content may in your native language- that they don’t understand- you can overcome the language bottleneck by availing translated transcripts.

Finally, Mp3 to Text online transcripts will enable you to expand your audience to include those with hearing disabilities. With millions of people globally suffering from hearing issues, this is quite a significant consideration.

Think of it this way!

With deaf people now part of your online audience due to easier understanding of your captioned multimedia content, you and your brand could benefit in terms of increased overall video watch time, increased number of shares, increased engagement, and increased sales prospects.

Transcripts Facilitate Increased Audience Engagement

With video captions, non-native speakers are more likely to comprehend the message in your audio/video posts, thereby engaging more with your content. Let’s say- for instance- that you run a retail brand that has an online marketplace which you frequently promote through social media video posts.

By availing captions/subtitles for your product promotion video posts, such non-native speakers can fully make sense of what’s being said about a given product and its features; thereby helping them decide whether your brand’s products would be relevant to them or not.

What’s more, they can simply pause the video and google the technical terms that they don’t understand and possibly proceed to your sales platform once they do, thereby facilitating improved engagement.

You’ll be surprised to realize that it’s not only non-native speakers that find video captions/subtitles useful for message comprehension, as even some viewers who already have a good grasp of English still have a personal preference for captions, as they reinforce their understanding.

What’s more, some viewers prefer captions since the visual/textual presentation helps with their information retention. Such viewers/listeners wouldn’t normally be able to fully recollect your message if you were to post audio/video content without transcripts.

  • To Boost Content Searchability

By incorporating captions or subtitles into your blog/website videos and audio podcasts, you’ll be making it easier for your audience to locate specific information which they may wish to share. Such enhanced search-ability increases your audience’s user experience; which in turn drives up your audience engagement.

Remember, some of your viewers may be busy and might not have all the time in the world to listen through your podcasts or video posts. Therefore- by availing downloadable transcripts for your posts- they can search through these transcript files for certain keywords that were spoken at the given section of the audio/video file that they’re looking for

For social media video posts that are explanatory (say, tutorials), you can include captions at the beginning- that indicate the time within the video at which the discussion of a given subtopic begins. By doing so, your viewers can simply skip to the denoted time stamp and locate the information they’re seeking within a short time.

For market researchers- meanwhile- the importance of facilitating fast and easy research can’t be overstated. If you’re researching on behalf of your enterprise/brand, you quite likely have deadlines to beat and need accurate transcripts for your recorded survey information that you can easily search through later on when making inferences.

  • To Boost your Overall Video Watch Time

Are you a video content creator looking to boost your overall watch time on YouTube and thus enhance your revenue prospects via the YouTube monetization program?

Or maybe, you’re part of your brand’s digital marketing team and are looking for a new way to boost your content’s rankings on YouTube’s recommended videos’ section!

Well, time to get your videos transcribed.

Captioned videos keep viewers engaged for longer- a viewer is more likely to watch your videos to the end if they have captions/subtitles, thereby building upon your overall watch time.

YouTube uses overall watch time as a metric for deciding which videos to promote through search and recommendations, thereby exposing more viewers to such videos.

Additionally, for one to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, which allows YouTube content creators to monetize their platforms by enrolling, they must have attained a yearly watch time of 4000 hours. By captioning your videos, you’ll be able to surpass this eligibility cut-off in no time and proceed to make some money off of your YouTube channel.

As for enterprises with blogs that contained video content, adding captions/subtitles to drive up viewers’ watch time is a great way to get them to stay on your website; subsequently enhancing your lead conversion rates and general sales prospects.

A website visitor that stays on your site for longer is more likely to engage with ads and ‘call-to-action’ links within the site’s pages.

Also, websites that avail standalone transcripts (transcript files that haven’t been embedded into a video/audio file) beneath the corresponding video posts stand a higher chance of engaging visitors that are relying on low-speed internet for longer.

Such website visitors wouldn’t normally linger on a site any longer once the video/audio post they’re intending to listen to/watch fails to load due to poor internet access.

  • To Enhance your Content’s Shareability

Increased content shareability across social media platforms is more of a secondary benefit of transcribing one’s digital multimedia files; as it arises as a result of some of the above-discussed captioning benefits including improved searchability, enhanced information comprehension, and increased SEO.

Below, we’ve used hypothetical scenarios to give you a better overview of how achieving each of these transcription benefits will subsequently enhance your shareability and thereby open up your brand to more prospects.

  • Scenario #1: Improved searchability

Let’s assume that you run a YouTube page where you offer free guitar-playing video tutorials, as a marketing tool for your online guitar sales marketplace. By transcribing your video tutorials, your viewers can simply pause, screenshot, and share a certain piece of information they may wish to share with their friends who are also just getting started with learning to play the guitar. Some of these friends are likely to ask for the name of the YouTube channel where the information came from, while some may even proceed to your sales platform to purchase some guitar gear.

  • Scenario #2: Enhanced Information Comprehension

Say- for instance- that you run an online sales platform that sells hardware power tools; which you frequently promote on social media platforms using promotional video content that seek to explain the benefits and features of each of these products. By incorporating captions/subtitles, more viewers are likely to understand how a given product could be of help to a friend/family member, thereby sharing with them the link to your video post. This, subsequently, leads to increased sales prospects.

  • Scenario #3: Improved Website SEO

Assuming you’ve got a brick-and-mortar home decor products retail business, plus a promotional blog where you post customer-relevant video content to generate more leads for your business; you can boost your lead generation by simply having these videos transcribed and embedding the transcripts to the corresponding files as captions/subtitles

Think of it this way! With more search engine-generated traffic coming to your website, there are likely to be more shares of your content; as search engine traffic is usually high quality traffic, with the visitors (as well as those they’re sharing your content with) highly likely to be people that are already interested in the products/services that you’re offering

  • To Re-purpose your Digital Content into Multiple Forms

By having transcript files of your already published blog/video content on deck, you can easily re-purpose your digital content to open up new avenues for reaching new audiences. Such transcripts will save you lots of time when you need to write up blog articles and detailed social media posts that correspond to the information contained within the transcribed video/audio files.

Below is a brief rundown of some of the different content formats you can transform your audio/video transcripts into:

  • Blog posts/articles– you could use your podcast transcripts to transform your topical audio podcasts into topical blog posts that will spark further discussion and facilitate increased audience engagement.
  • Infographics– say-for instance- that you’ve got Mp3 recordings of statistical data, you can get these transcribed and then use the transcripts to create visually alluring infographics that are certain to grab the attention of viewers. What;’s more, infographics facilitate faster and easier digestion of statistical information, as they present data in an easily-decipherable graphic format, with minimal textual information.
  • Ebooks– assuming that you post regular podcast episodes of a topical nature, you can have all these podcasts transcribed, and then have them repurposed into a detailed ebook, thereby expanding your revenue options.


The importance of transcribing one’s MP3 to Text or word files  can’t be emphasized enough, regardless of the industry you play in, From personal branding to enterprise branding, video captioning/subtitling is increasingly playing a huge role in shaping the success of online video promotional campaigns. You could leverage Mp3-to-text transcription services to boost your SEO, enhance your content’s searchability, and even improve your overall video watch time.

However, before deciding upon how you’ll get your audio/video files transcribed, you should realize that professional human transcription services would be your best option. There exist some credible websites that employ professional human transcribers, and take relevant measures to ensure that the transcripts that they send back to customers are accurate and submitted in due time.

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