5 Reasons Why You Should Use Transcription in Academic Research

When compiling information for dissertation, audio data from various interviews and other sources is one of the most parts of the process.

These audio files usually accompany the paper version of the dissertation as evidence of all the information collected for the thesis.

Since it takes longer to listen to the audio files, the panel of experts who review the thesis requires that a candidate attaches a dissertation transcription.

Unfortunately, transcription is a time-consuming event.

For instance, one-hour audio can take you a couple of hours to transcribe. If you choose to transcribe these audio files personally, you will have little or no time to write the dissertation itself.

In this post, you will learn:

Five (5) top reasons why you should use transcription services in your academic research

Capture Every Detail from the Word Go

When listening to an audio file, say the interviews you’ve held, it is difficult to capture every detail the first time you hear it.

In many instances, you will need to pause and rewind so that you can get the details correctly.

At other times, it is impossible for you to determine which subject gave which statement.

You can already imagine the tedious work involved here as well as the amount of time that goes into it.

The process of rewinding audio or video, listening again, failing to grasp anything and rewinding all over again is tiring, annoying, and highly ineffective.

Why go through all this hassle while you can let your money work for you?

The best way to overcome this is to hire a professional to transcribe audio to text on your behalf.

People who convert audio to text alleviate the pain you would have to go through as far as backtracking and replaying audio or video is concerned.

Isn’t it more comfortable this way?

You Can Concentrate On Your Academic Research

When writing a thesis, time is usually of the essence. For some people, the other aspects of their lives typically come to a standstill.

It requires almost all your energy and time, mainly because you want to deliver the best that you can.

Sadly, the inability to free up part of the time you spend on the thesis can interfere with the realization of your goal even in terms of delivery time.

If you want to get things right and in good time, pay a professional to convert audio to texts for you.

Part with a couple of bucks, and within no time, you have everything ready for your analysis.

As long as you’ve identified a reputable provider of transcription services, you can delegate these demanding tasks to them, including the work related to video captions.

While a professional transcriber embarks on these tasks, you can concentrate on your other academic specialties. For purposes of research, you could also seek help from recognized research and essay writing services that will unquestionably make work easy for you.

Gives You Access to Actionable Content

A researcher can start working with quantitative data as soon as they have it.

Besides, there is a clear outline of the numbers, and there is nothing complicated about identifying the trends.

The same doesn’t apply when it comes to qualitative data, and more so, when dealing with digital recordings. Qualitative research demands a lot of the researcher’s time and effort, even before they get to the analysis phase.

Thankfully, academic transcription services help researchers to bypass this highly demanding task.

They transcribe audio to text, providing you with high-quality text, and in turn, giving you the ability to hit major milestones, including formulating conclusions.

They don’t convert audio to text!

Instead, they put on the table, all the qualitative data, which helps the researcher to understand patterns, and also notice anomalies.

An Excellent Solution Where You Are Working As a Team

Some people opt not to use transcription services, especially when working alone.

They don’t mind that it is tiring and time-consuming, or perhaps they have other reasons. However, only on rare occasions does a researcher work completely alone.

As such, trying to apply the same principle where a research team is concerned, spells disaster. It denies other members of the team access to the research content.

On the other hand, having someone to transcribe audio to text and also perform video captions if need be, eliminates this challenge.

Professional transcription services go a long way in ensuring that everyone involved has access to the research content.

It is an excellent way of guaranteeing the full participation of every member of the team.

Transcription Services Make Content Searchable

It is impossible to gain near perfection in research in the absence of the review process.

The review process entails ensuring that all the information given is accurate

Now, how do you achieve this when dealing with audio and video recordings?

While this is not impossible to achieve, but the use of digital records makes the work even more difficult compared to when you are using a text-based file.

Digital files are not searchable.

You don’t have the privilege to type in a keyword that a speaker used for the corresponding data to appear.

That’s why you need transcription services.

You already know that one project could contain many audio and videos.

The headache that comes with going through each one of them to double check a particular fact is unimaginable.

The very thought of going through this hassle is enough to give you a headache.

An absolute game-changer in instances of this nature, transcription gives you the power to search and pull up the content you want within seconds.

If you have always wondered why a student or a professor who is working on a thesis transfers the responsibility of transcription to a professional, now you know.

Transcription services reduce your work even by half.

It takes away the stress you would have to deal with if you were to transcribe the files personally.

It gives you enough time to study, perform further research, and write your thesis in good time.

As you can see, transcription is a gift to academic researchers and other people whose work would be a complete nightmare in its absence.

Of utmost importance is to find the right provider of transcription services.

Some of the factors to consider include;

  • The reliability of the transcriber in terms of availability, speed of delivery, and quality of the outcome.
  • The reputation of the transcriber. Read customer reviews and testimonials to know what present and past customers think of the transcription company you are eyeing.
  • Find out if you can afford their services. Be wary of the transcription firms that charge unreasonably low amounts. Remember that cheap is expensive. It is wiser to first determine the market rates before settling on one transcriber.
  • Find out how long they have been in the industry. In many cases, a company or transcriber that has been around for a long time has more experience and impressive turnaround time.

If you can get the right provider of transcription services, you can rest easy; have them convert audio to text, as you focus on other vital issues.

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